Our Story:  Inspiration Out of Adversity

linda and brian november 2012 - smallLinda and Brian Kaminski were on top of the world, living the American dream.  They drove luxury cars, took fantastic vacations and enjoyed an annual income most would envy. They built an award-winning direct sales business, and then the company they were working with closed its doors

Undeterred, they joined another company and built an award-winning, top-income -producing direct sales business again. AND IT HAPPENED AGAIN! Their second company shut down! Many, maybe most, people, would have called it quits. Yet they believed! They believed in the power of the direct-to-customer business model. They believed that direct selling can change lives as it had for them, so they used their experience to go another way.

Linda was an experienced sales leader who, during her last two company experiences, had learned hard lessons about things a company should never do to its sales force. More importantly, they knew what should be done to help their Consultants become successful.  So, they took a chance and started their own company.  They called it L’BRI PURE n’ NATURAL, a name derived from combining “Linda” and “Brian.”

From the start, they built their company around four basic pillars:

  1. L’BRI would offer natural, safe and affordable skin care, beauty and nutritional products that work.
  1. L’BRI owners and executives would be passionate about helping others enjoy more beautiful lives.
  1. L’BRI would be 100% family owned with no outside investors.
  1. L’BRI would be built from the ground up to support its independent sales partners.

They mortgaged their house, sold their boat and cars, held a garage sale and maxed out their credit cards to finance the start-up of L’BRI PURE n’ NATURAL.  They found product suppliers that could meet their standards of the highest quality and purity: No artificial preservatives, colors or potentially harmful chemicals! With Linda out selling, and Brian working the phones by day and packing orders by night, L’BRI soon had a loyal customer following.

From this modest “wing and a prayer” beginning in 1998, L’BRI has steadily grown into a strong, profitable company with thousands of successful independent sales Consultants and leaders. Fully 40% of monthly sales come from the repeat purchases of long time loyal customers. 

Linda and Brian believe that their success comes from their unyielding insistence on providing outstanding products for their customers and world class service to their Consultants. They recently purchased a modern, well-equipped office/warehouse facility with the room to support their goals of doubling their business in the next three years and having successful sales Leaders and Consultants in every state and city in America.

L’BRI PURE n’ NATURAL: A company with a mission to change lives for the better, one face at a time!

For more information:

Call: 800-742-8828

Email: support@lbri.com