Q: What ingredients are in your products?
A: Aloe is the first ingredient – and you can see for yourself! All of the wonderful ingredients we use in our skin care, health & wellness, hair, and body care products are listed on our site.

See the ingredients of our products here.

Q: How safe are your products?
A: Please read our Product Safety Statement.

Q: How fresh are your products?
A: At L’BRI PURE n’ NATURAL, we believe fresh ingredients and fresh products are best. By shipping directly to customers, we make sure our products arrive at the peak of freshness.

Unlike products sold in retail stores or offered by person to person, L’BRI products never sit on store shelves or in a warehouse for extended periods of time. When purchasing a product in a store, you never know if someone has opened the container, tried it, returned it to the store, or otherwise tampered with the product. Likewise, some person-to-person companies encourage distributors maintain high inventories and to store products in their garages or basements. Not so with L’BRI. Our products are shipped directly to you, our customer. There is no middleman. No long-term warehousing. No products stored in garages or basements. Every L’BRI product is fresh and wholesome.