Consultant Success Stories

L’BRI is a blessing and an answer to prayer. When I started with L’BRI, we were living paycheck-to-paycheck on only one income. I had NO IDEA how amazing this “new job” was going to be! After I joined L’BRI, we paid off some of our debts and started putting money into savings. Almost three years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and, after each cancer surgery, as I was home recovering, re-orders continued to come in and I received income every month. When my oncologist cleared me to travel, I took my husband to Jamaica for a second honeymoon, all thanks to L’BRI.

Lisa Taylor Executive Manager October 9, 2016


This journey has been more than I ever imagined my “small” part-time job would be. Of course I fell in love with the products, but it took a couple of years before I accepted the gift of the L’BRI opportunity. My dream was to stay home part time with our young children. I love teaching, but our family comes first and we needed that income. With a huge leap of faith and the support of my loving husband, I jumped into L’BRI and found myself “teaching” in a whole new way! All the while I was having fun and making the income we needed. L’BRI fulfilled my dream and encouraged me to keep dreaming! The possibilities are endless!

Kari Logterman Executive Manager October 8, 2016

My husband and I have evolved from counting-every-penny and a mindset of scarcity to a mindset of abundance. We built an eight-car garage, complete with a lift and a convertible automobile, a master suite in our home, and now enjoy vacations such as biking from Vienna to Prague, climbing Kilimanjaro and exploring Alaska. Our favorite charities are Relay for Life, Heifer Project and Hands at Work.

Liz Kultgen Executive Manager October 7, 2016

It’s funny how when you really believe something can happen – it does happen. When you have a team like the one I am a part of, anything can happen. I love sharing L’BRI products and I truly enjoy building a business for myself and my family, which is built on a foundation of kindness, strength and integrity. Living with passion has become more important to me than ever before. I am blessed to be headed down a career path where I can dream, grow and model the way for others.

Dianne Klopp Senior Executive Manager October 6, 2016

L’BRI has been a blessing to our family! What started out as a ‘plan B’ to supplement our family budget while being a stay-at-home mom, turned into our ‘plan’ 17 months later when my husband had an accident that resulted in a spinal cord injury. The flexibility allowed me to be at his side while he recovered and I continue to work around my family’s schedule while earning a full-time income.

Jodi Keller Executive Manager October 5, 2016

Not long after becoming a Consultant, I realized that customers really love L’BRI products. I was busy giving my customers more beautiful skin and I was making REAL money too!  My business grew very quickly I realized I was on track to become an Executive Manager. As a nurse and cancer survivor, I’m thrilled to provide customers with healthy, chemical-free skin care options that truly work. I am so excited about L’BRI that I’m sharing the L’BRI income opportunity with everyone I meet!

Amber Juslen Senior Executive Manager October 4, 2016


From the very beginning, I believed in the healing properties of these products and the L’BRI business opportunity. My success in this business is not achieved by myself alone, but with the help of the incredible women on my team and the wonderful support from L’BRI. They have all shared their wisdom, experience and given me so much encouragement, freely and from the heart. I have learned that you should never give up on yourself or your dreams. My life is forever changed!

Heidi Hanke Executive Manager October 3, 2016

I’ve had many jobs over the years, but there is nothing like direct sales! Prior to L’BRI I was with a home decorating direct sales company for 12 years. In just one-and-a-half years with L’BRI, I have already achieved a status I never reached with the other company. Immediately I began earning real income and my bank account was finally growing. It wasn’t easy letting go of my old company, but L’BRI has proven to be the company where success and dreams really do come true.

Peggy Hammen-Schuller Executive Manager October 2, 2016

I have always had two jobs because I wanted to provide for my son without him feeling like he was coming from a single parent family. I used L’BRI for years and loved the products. I was so impressed by everything L’BRI had to offer because these products and the L’BRI opportunity can change people’s lives. To get what you want, you need to work hard. But it’s so worth it! I thank God everyday that L’BRI came into my life. Not only do I get the privilege to show off these amazing products I so deeply believe in, but my dreams are coming true at the same time.

Katie Asman Executive Manager October 1, 2016